Better Not Mention It is a podcast that attempts to close the research gap between religious academia and the general population. Its focus is specifically on work that happens within the Westar Institute, the institute’s ongoing research seminars, and work/books written by Westar Fellows. Though at inception, Westar intended to examine all religions individually, its focus at this point remains the enormous body of work that is Christianity.

BNMI highlights information that is sometimes viewed as controversial and that thusly gets left out when the general population discusses religion, specifically Christianity. This pursuit strives to engage this information in conversation with scholars who are on the cutting edge of this research.

BNMI is the brainchild of Natalie Renee Perkins, who is a member of Westar’s Young Leaders in Religion Forum. As she began her work with Westar, she noticed the age gap between her and most of its members. Simultaneously, she recognized that the conversations at Westar were not dissimilar to those happening in her own generation. Unfortunately, her own circles had little to no access to leading research and was, hence, stuck engaging with out of date information and rationalizations. Her goal is to aid in the engagement of these not-so-new ideas in contemporary conversation.